Bitterfeld is a midsize town in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. A town that seems to be nearly forgotten today. However, Bitterfeld comes with a full load of history - much of it to be re-discovered. There's a lot to tell. Let's start exploring!


I took about 3.000 pictures while visiting USA first time. Everything was so overwhelming! However, I suppose first impressions must be re-considered. Here you can see some pics from tours in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas.


"Nachbarschaftsladen" or Neighbourhood Store and Recycling Museum in Leipzig (Plagwitz), Germany


Originally built as asylum, the place was used as military hospital, later as children’s clinic and part of a huge hospital area with a nuclear medical department. 2007 departments moved to a new built hospital. 2012-2014 area was rebuilt.


Berlin-Buch: Former Hospital of The Ministry for State Security in GDR, March 2013, Samsung TL500


Recommended Visit at BARNIM PANORAMA Naturparkzentrum Agrarmuseum Wandlitz, opened in Sept 2013. Pictures taken with Asus Memo Pad HD 7 and Camera360-App.


A Garden in Fredersdorf, Brandenburg April 2013, Samsung TL500


Streetart-Exhibition in former University book store in Leipzig: "Flour'n'sugar - flavoured streets" from 18.-29. September 2006.