Muldestausee Walk

Walk around the barrier lake Muldestausee near Bitterfeld/Saxony-Anhalt in July 2014.

Camera 360

Corrupted Images Gallery

While copying image files from internal smartphone memory to external SD I lost dozens of files. While I managed to rescue some of them the rest still remained corrupted….


Garden Golden Hour

Big nice feeling while lying in the grass in the Golden Hour!  


ZOB Berlin

Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof Berlin, ZOB    


Socialist Mural Art

Former GDR Wall painting Stoetteritzer 28a in Leipzig (Reudnitz) Here you can read: “[Den Stoff sieht jeder]mann vor sich. Den Gehalt findet nur der, der etwas dazu tut….


Wood Installation at Hauptpost Leipzig

Art Project at former mail office center Hauptpost, Augustusplatz Leipzig, August 2014 Three years before the Hauptpost, built in 1964, closed its doors. The buidling will be renewed and transformed to…

Leipzig Connewitz Wall Tattoo

Tons of Moralilty Biz


Antelope Island State Park, Utah


International truck


Awesome instead


Most People are confused …


Push the Button


Bless this House


The good old in a great modern Museum: My Visit at Barnim Panorama

Recommended Visit at BARNIM PANORAMA Naturparkzentrum Agrarmuseum Wandlitz (Link), just opened in Sept 2013! (Pictures taken with ASUS Memo Pad HD 7 and Camera360)

Copyright Related Areas I had to Mask


Noisy Day and Tons of Wood Chippings

Stadtallendorf, Hessen, Germany, in Oct 2013 Backyard of George’s house alongside an active rail track and full of wooden art Shot after a chainsaw carving project day. Including…


Something to Smile at Prenzlauerberg

Originally taken with Samsung EX1/TL500, refurbished with a little help from Pixlr Express from Autodesk ;-) Berlin October 2013


Last shot before Good night

Berlin September 2013 Samsung EX1/TL500



Tomatoes August 2013 Samsung EX1/TL500  


Wedding Kiez, Beim Dicken

Berlin Wedding, Kiez Gruentaler/Bellermannstrasse August 2013 Samsung EX1/TL500


Liverpool Film Print recaptured

… by Asus Tablet memopad hd7 in HDR mode


Books and Records from Instax

… by Asus Tablet memopad hd7 in HDR mode



… by Asus Tablet memopad hd7 in HDR mode


Leipzig: Little Walk around the Block

Reudnitz, Leipzig May 2013 Samsung TL500/EX1


Discarded Garden Figurines

Fredersdorf, Brandenburg April 2013 Samsung TL500/EX1


Deep in the Forest: Former GDR Hospital

  Berlin-Buch Former Hospital of The Ministry for State Security in GDR March 2013 See also here            


Suburbia – Where You Live

 Berlin March 2013 Samsung TL-500/EX1


Milky Water in Bath Tube with Lingerie, a Shirt and a Towel

Bath Tube November 2011, Berlin EOS 400D


Abandoned hospital centre in Berlin-Buch

Lost hospital center with garden in Berlin-Buch at Wiltbergstrasse Originally built (1909-1914) as asylum, the place was used as military hospital in both world wars, later as children’s…

Kulturverein Kinski e.V. - Club in Neukölln

Pieces from Berlin Walk

 Kulturverein Kinski e.V. Club in Neukölln, Berlin April 2010 24h Pension Diamant (you know!) Neukölln, Berlin April 2010 What a luck! Detail view of “Diamant” typo here by…


Leipzig: Recycling Museum

“Nachbarschaftsladen”/Neighbourhood Store and Recycling Museum Plagwitz, Leipzig February 2010 EOS 400D + 50mm 1.8


Foggy Town

After leaving the office short before midnight I was surprised by a fog. Streets looked like the ones in a classic english London horror picture, I suppose. It…


Sort Out

It was a lot of fun walking in the outskirts of Muehlenbeck and visiting Bucher Forst in Brandenburg and discovering a lost garden in Saxony-Anhalt. I have taken some…

Still Life: Coffee in a China Restaurant in Berlin-Weissensee

Here I Lost my Camera

 Here I lost my Camera: after a cheap cup of coffee in an all you can eat low budget chinese restaurant in Berlin-Weissensee. I rushed away and forgot…

No Corpse

In the Trunk

Fallen asleep in the Trunk (Dont try this, kids!) Somewhere in Brandenburg October 2012 Samsung EX1/TL500

allotment paradise

Paradies with flag of Italy

Bungalow with Paradise sign and flag of Italy Duebener Heide, October 2012 Samsung EX1/TL500

Backyard of forester’s lodge

Bucher Forst, near Berlin October 2012 Samsung EX1/TL500

Lost bulky waste on Leipzig main road

Lost bulky Waste

Oststr. in Reudnitz, Leipzig October 2012 Samsung EX1/TL500



“Milchhäuschen”, Weisser See, Berlin, at 8:30 in the morning October 2012 Samsung EX1/TL500